SWAG Table Space

SWAG Table Space

This promo package buys a single section of space on the SWAG tables. LIMIT (6) SIX SPACES PER AUTHOR or one full 2′ x 6′ table.

​The SWAG tables will be arranged down the length of the halls where the convention traffic will be passing to go to and from events and workshops/panels. Table dimensions are 2′ deep x 6′ wide. This promo package includes:

  • A single one-foot section of the 2′ x ‘6 tables (approximately 12″ wide x 24″ deep)

Limit six (6) per author

NOTE: You are responsible for the materials put out on your table space(s), such as replenishing any SWAG materials put out. There will be no space for storage of SWAG materials. You can purchase more than one space in order to create a larger display. Maximum number of spaces available to purchase for a single author is six (6), which is one full table. Any SWAG materials left behind will be discarded at the end of the convention.​​

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