• Jessica Samuelsen

Got a book idea? We've got Publisher Pitch Sessions.

Have a great book idea? Want to get heard? InD'scribe is the place to be!

We are excited to present Literary Crush as this years publisher for publisher pitch sessions. We know you didn't really need one more reason to come to this fabulous conference but we are givers and we are excited to bring you this opportunity.

I (Jessica) am personally excited for this publisher. I love a good light hearted romance. The world most definitely needs more of them. This is the goal of this mother daughter duo. What's not to love? PUN INTENDED!Help make the world a better place pitch your romance and let this publisher take your novel places.

Check out their site and I am sure you will be just as excited as we are to see them at the conference this year.

Make sure you go to this page and sign up soon before all the appointments fill up.

Stay tuned for some tips on how to successfully pitch your novel. And don't forget after you knock it out of the park at the Publisher Pitch Session you can show us what you got later that evening at the Karaoke/Lip Sync Contest. Singing not your thing? That's okay. There will be dancing too. Stay tuned for more of what we are up to here at InD'scribe.

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