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FAQs & Additional Information

How many people can host a party?

Parties can be hosted by a single person OR a group of hosts. The more people hosting a single party, the easier it is to afford. For example: If ten paranormal authors want to host a Monster Mash, then the party would only cost $30 per author host!

Can I book a party if I'm not going to be at the conference? 

Yes and no. A minimum of one host must be in attendance to host the party. The InD’Scribe Con Staff will only coordinate reservations for the party venue. We will NOT have staff available to host the parties. For example: If five (5) bloggers are going to the convention and another five (5) bloggers won’t be able to be there BUT they can help pay for the party and provide some giveaways as a promotional opportunity for their blog at the themed party, as long as at least one of the five (5) bloggers who are at the convention are there to host the party, it’s all good!

Can I have giveaways at my party? 

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we encourage it! Giveaways can be books, SWAG, gift baskets, party favors, trips or cruises to exotic locations, registrations for NEXT year’s convention…whatever you want! Well, no hamster-in-a-bag prizes as live animals are not allowed at venues…so within reason, of course.  [😉]  Just keep in mind that giveaways are not included in the promo op pricing.

Will you help me find people who will share the costs of my party?

You are most welcome to post on the InD’Scribe Author & Reader Con Facebook Page and/or the InD’Scribe Fun Facebook Group (closed group – just ask to join) and let people know you’re looking for others to host a party with you. The coordination with others will be your responsibility, however. InD’Scribe Con Staff is not available to do group host coordination – just the advertising and reservations.

Does the promo op cover food and drinks? 

How elaborate you want to be with your party is entirely up to you, but know that food and drinks are the responsibility of the hosts OR the guests, depending upon your party setup. For example: You can set up a party to be at the hotel patio area and not have to pay for anything by letting those attending be responsible for their own bar tabs and any food they wish to purchase OR you can reserve a party room at a local restaurant and pay for the restaurant to cater your event; you could even just reserve a large table at the hotel restaurant and have everyone pay for their own dinner. Just be sure you let us know what you’re planning so we can communicate the venue and responsibilities in the advertising, and let us know if you have a limited number of seats or attendees.

Where will my party be held?

We are still working on coordinating with local venues, but the concept is just as if you’ve set up a date and time to meet a bunch of friends for drinks, dinner, appetizers or just hang out. The choice is yours depending on the venue you choose. Once we’re done finalizing details, you will get a list of venues and details on the types of parties they’ll permit (e.g., reservations for dinner, reserving a room, any costs associated with such options, etc.).

I am stumped! I haven't a clue as to what my theme will be. HELP!
No worries!! We’ll list a few examples here, but if these don’t spark any ideas for you, perhaps you can post on the InD’Scribe Author & Reader Con Facebook Page and/or the InD’Scribe Fun Facebook Group (closed group – just ask to join) and ask for some help with themes. We also recommend you speak to your audience. For example: Authors and Indie Publishers, reach out to your readers and ask them what kind of party they would like; Bloggers and Reviewers, reach out to your blog fans and ask them what they would like.

Authors – If you write within a certain genre, perhaps you can focus the theme around your books. Write cowboy romance? Have a Ranch or Cowboy theme. Write vampire romance? Have all your party favors black, red and white and give out vampire teeth party favors. What if you write romantic suspense featuring hot cops? Give out plastic handcuffs! You might even group up with a bunch of authors in that same genre and devise games centered around the themes.

Bloggers & Reviewers – If you have a favorite genre you cover on your blog, then you could use that genre as a theme. (See author ideas.) But what if you love all genres and review all of them on your blog? What about a reader/fan appreciation party? How about a party that encourages other readers to share books via a speed-dating or chatting style – 5 minutes at each table to talk about their favorite author. What goes well with books? Wine! Chocolate! Getting cozy! Have a wine-tasting party and bring chocolate and cozy socks as party favors. Perhaps you have a favorite author you’d like to feature…or more than one!

Indie Publishers – Hosting a party that honors your authors and gives out awards or recognition is a great way to mingle with readers and build your authors’ reader bases. Themes could be centered around a specific genre if you’re a boutique publisher. – so the Author suggestions above might help stimulate ideas. OR you could do something similar to the Bloggers & Reviewers and focus on supporting the addiction of reading and everything that goes with it!

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