Gift Baskets

Gift Basket Reservations    ​

This promo opportunity is FREE to reserve, but you will need to provide the completed gift basket. 

​Reserving a space to include your gift basket in the various events is FREE, but you must provide the completed and packaged gift basket for the event. It is your responsibility to get the gift basket to the convention and it must be ready to give away and “presentation ready”. We cannot package the gift baskets or assemble them at the convention.

Options available:

Basket contents valued at LESS THAN $100 – These will be raffled off at the various reader events, starting at the Kick-Off Party on Thursday night and throughout the convention.

Basket contents valued at $100 OR MORE – These will be raffled off at the RONE awards After Party

**Please ensure that a complete description of the basket contents are attached to the basket.**

Tips for Baskets

  • Cellophane bags specifically designed to enclose or “bag” gift baskets are usually available at party stores, Target or possible dollar stores, and are great for securing the contents of your gift items if ribbons are tied tight enough at the top of the basket.

  • Dollar stores also usually have rolls of clear plastic cellophane in which to wrap gift baskets. Just secure with ribbons at the top!

  • Using a glue gun can be very helpful with keeping contents of baskets secure.

  • Glue dots are a great option for books since they don’t permanently stick on items. Check your local craft store or party supply store.

  • Shrink wrap can also be used to group basket items together and then glued to the interior of the basket to secure it.

  • Many styles of gift “baskets” can be used – party bags, decorative folding boxes with handles, large mesh bags with ribbon ties, small wooden crates with shredded colored papers, even stacks of presents for a mystery prize! Search for “gift basket ideas” or “gift basket supplies” in your favorite search engine for inspiration.​

Complete the form below for your Gift Basket Reservation.

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