The Costume House

7324 Greenbush Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605


The Costume House supplies costumes and wardrobe for film, TV and Theatre and specializes in Historical, Vintage and specialty costumes.  Come and see us for your costuming needs from magical mermaids to Las Vegas Show Girls to 1920's Gangsters to Romeo and Juliet.  We have it all!



  1. Decide on costume choice A and costume choice B 

  2. Decide on budget range (Example: I want to be an Egyptian queen or a 1970's Hippie and I only want to spend $200)

  3. Email The Costume House with picture examples of each, measurements AND clothing sizes, shoe size and budget.  In the subject line put "Attn: Annie : 

  4. The Costume House will respond with yes we can do that or no we can't and will ask necessary questions.

  5. Email us the pdf attached to the link with the rental paperwork.  You can send us credit card and license photocopy at this point.  We have to have these in order to start pulling the costume.

  6. Delivery/pickup/cleaning is included in the price.  Normally these are separate charges for us so please keep in mind that when you say you have a budget of $200, part of that is going towards delivery/Pick Up/ cleaning. If you wish to pick up and drop off your own costume, please specify in the introductory email so we can plan accordingly.  

  7. We will send you pictures of at least 2 choices ahead of time.  You can pick between the 2 looks.  Once you have decided on a look and paid for it, it is locked in.

  8. Delivery is the day of the event.  The time and place will be coordinated by the host company and the venue.  

  9. Return of the costumes will be determined by the Host Company and the venue for next day return. 

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