Convention Bag Inserts

Convention Bag Inserts                 ** SPACE IS LIMITED**

This promo package is purchasing the ability to include promotional items into the Convention Bags.

​To ensure high-quality convention bags for the conference, promotional items are limited to souvenir items ONLY. No paper products (i.e., postcards, bookmarks, business cards, etc.) UNLESS it is included inside a goody bag (e.g., small cloth or gauzy bag with perfume, lip balm and a business card). Beaded bookmarks or “book thongs” are okay. We are estimating there will be around 400 convention bags, so please be sure to provide enough items for at least 400 bags.


All opportunities are $50 each and is primarily paying for the labor to stuff the convention bags. These are the choices available for the convention bag spaces (space is limited):

  • Book inclusion – Limit 1 per author – We are limiting the books to only 5 per bag, so only 5 authors will have the opportunity to include a single title of a paperback or hard cover book to be included in each convention bag.

  • Small Goody Bags – Limit 1 per author – Limited to 25 spots per convention bag – for authors to include a goody bag, which must include three (3) or more items (e.g., keychains, highlighters, pens, beaded bookmarks, candy, flash drives loaded with eBooks, costume jewelry, etc.). The items cannot be lose. They must be inside the bag. Examples:

 *  A gauzy see-through bag with a business card, lip balm and a novelty highlighter pen
 *  A  mesh bag with a keychain, plastic handcuffs, and a package of Gummy bears

  • Single Souvenir Items – Limit 1 per author – Limited to 50 spots per convention bag – These can be loose in the convention bag and are limited to souvenir items – no paper products. Examples include pens, highlighters, key chains, beaded bookmarks, candies or other products that have customized packaging (e.g., no lose candy bars just off the shelf – must be candy wrapped with custom promo printing/packaging).​​

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