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Judges are a vital element in the RONE awards.  The process of choosing a winner consists of three separate rounds.  Each round helps to honestly and fairly filter out the very best books of the year.  First, all books that have been reviewed by InD'tale magazine which received a qualifying star rating becomes a RONE Nominee.  Those books are then voted on by the reading public. Books receiving the most reader votes become finalists.  It is these finalists that will go to the judges round to determine who will ultimately receive the RONE Award in each genre.

If selected, in thanks for your time and effort, InD'tale will feature each judge, along with a short (two to three sentence) bio of accomplishments in both the RONE award program and in the subsequent issue of InD'tale magazine, as well as on the InD'tale website throughout the following year.

If you are a blogger, book reviewer, editor, author etc., and would like to submit to become a judge, here is what is required:

  • You must be able to download and access BOTH a PDF and MOBI (Kindle) format. We do not have every book in every format, only what was submitted by the author.

  • If you are unable to read both formats, then you will not be able to be a judge for the RONE’s.

  • Reading and scoring from 4 to 7 books in the genre of your choice within an eight week time period (larger genres such as Contemporary or Paranormal require more books, smaller genres such as Mystery or Inspirational fewer). The dates for judging will be from June 1st to July 27th, 2017.

  • All judges complete a simple rating/score sheet for each book using whole, half or quarter points. (No partial points.) Score sheets must be turned in no later than July 31st, 2017.

  • In all genres except Young Adult, Inspirational and some Contemporary (which will have sub-categories of “steamy” and “sweet” this year) judges must be willing to read books up to a five steam level, as finalists within a genre cannot be separated based on steam. Note, however, that some genres, (i.e.: Paranormal) naturally lend themselves to steamier content than others, (i.e.: Mystery.)

  • If judging the novella category, you will be required to judge ALL genres, as this category is not separated by genre but by length.

  • As a judge it is required that whichever genre you judged shall not be divulged. You may state that you were a RONE judge, but please do not state which genre you judged.

In return and with our thanks for your time and effort, InD’tale will promote and publish a short bio of your accomplishments in all material and promotion relating to the RONE Awards.

Thank you for taking the time to consider being a RONE judge, please complete and submit the application below if you wish to be considered as a Rone Judge.


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RONE Judge Application

RONE JudgE Requirements

October 12-15th, 2017

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